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Welcome to the website of the Budo Karate Club, the development and maintenance of which Gavienas Sensei has entrusted to Sensei Peter Sheridan, whose responsibility it is to ensure the accuracy and honesty of its contents. Senseis Gavienas and Sheridan are proud to have trained together for more than forty years, and both continue to strive to uphold the best traditions of karate in all its many aspects.

 Established in 1992 by Sensei Gordon Gavienas, 7th Dan, Budo Karate Club offers training in traditional and authentic Shotokan Karate within a forward thinking framework. The Club seeks to be welcoming and family-friendly, offering all students the opportunity to progress in all aspects of karate development. The Club is fully affiliated to the Scottish Karate Association (the oldest Association in Scotland) and is both registered with and accredited by the Scottish Karate Governing Body. All instructors  are licensed by the S.K.G.B and are vetted for teaching children through full Disclosure Scotland Certification. The Club also endorses and complies with the S.K.G.B Child Protection and Risk Management Policies, it being worthy of note that Sensei Natalie Moore, 5th Dan at the Budo Dojo, holds the position of Child Protection Officer for both the S.K.G.B. and the S.K.A., thereby ensuring the safety of the club as a training and learning environment for all its young karateka.