CONGRATULATIONS… The Club is delighted to announce that, on February 6th 2020, Gavienas Sensei attained his European Judge B (Kata) qualification at the Junior European Championships in Budapest. A tremendous achievement for Gavienas Sensei and a fitting reward for the dedication and commitment he has displayed on tatami at local, national and international venues.


CONGRATULATIONS…The Club is delighted to confirm that Leo and Jaxon, having fought a braver fight than most karateka ever will, are now safely home with Lauren and Ross…and Ringo!


CONGRATULATIONS…. The Club is delighted to announce that, on June 6th 2019, Austin Major successfully graded for Shodan Ho (Junior Black Belt) and Lauren Harkins was awarded the prestigious Bert Sutherland Etiquette Award for her dedication and commitment to the principles and practice of karate.

CONGRATULATIONS Alan…. The Club is delighted to announce that, on May 26th 2019, Alan was promoted to British Referee B in Kumite, and British Judge B in Kata. This is a great achievement for Alan under the guidance, encouragement and tutelage of Gavienas Sensei.

CONGRATULATIONS…. The Club is delighted to welcome Zachary, its newest and youngest member. With Natalie and Mark as parents, and Gordon as Grandad, who knows what will be achieved. Welcome to the world, Zachary.

CONGRATULATIONS Natalie : the Club is delighted to announce that Natalie was awarded her Grade A Referee certificate at the National Championships on November 25th 2018.

CONGRATULATIONS 22nd June 2018 : The club is delighted to announce the following grading successes :

Award of 5th Dan – Natalie Gavienas.

Award of 3rd Dan – Andrew Kennedy.

Award of 1st Dan – Daisy Major.

31st December 2017. To all Budo karateka…a Happy New Year and a 2018 filled with effort, achievement, deeper understanding and peace.

17th December 2017 : It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce that Natalie has been appointed to the position of Child Protection Officer for the Scottish Karate Governing Body. This appointment is extremely prestigious and reflects extremely well on both Natalie and the Club ethos espoused by Sensei Gordon Gavienas.

15th December 2017 : The photographs of last night’s Annual Open Evening are now available to view in the Photo Archive page.

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