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With its origins in his previous 20 years of karate training, competition experience and instruction, Sensei Gordon Gavienas opened the Budo Karate Club in 1992 in Darnley Community Centre.

From the outset, the Club has sought to demonstrate an ethos of tradition, etiquette, mutual respect and that set of values which Gavienas Sensei believes characterises and is essential to the true “way” of karate. All students are encouraged to follow a path of optimum personal development as both persons and karateka, hopefully coming to some degree of understanding of Egami Sensei’s distinction between the techniques of karate training and the personal and spiritual development of karate practice.

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In furtherance of these aspirations at a broader level, Gavienas Sensei developed a partnership with local schools and the District Council which enabled him to participate in the Active Schools Programme, bringing both the sporting and traditional aspects of karate into schools around the South side of Glasgow.

This relationship with the Council allowed Gavienas Sensei to obtain funding support for the development in coaching of several of his students, with the number of fully accredited coaches now standing at five. It is testament to the high standards set by Gavienas Sensei that, in 2012, after rigorous assessment of developmental standards of both students and instructors, Budo was awarded the coveted ClubMark by the District Council Culture and Sport Committee.

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A significant milestone in the Club’s history, which underlined Gavienas Sensei’s commitment to all that is best in the practice of karate,  came in March 2012 with the introduction of the Bert Sutherland Etiquette Award.

Bert Sutherland, who died in January 2011, was the true and deeply-missed friend and fellow karateka of both Gavienas Sensei and Sheridan Sensei, with decades of joint training behind them. In his eulogy, Sheridan Sensei described him as follows :-

“Bert Sutherland epitomised all that was best as a karateka and a man. Bert lived his life by the principles of gentle honesty, integrity, loyalty, empathy and unselfishness. His priority was not what you could do for him, but what he could do for you ; not what you owed him, but what he could give you and –  as all who knew him would testify – he gave unstintingly of his time, his encouragement, his support and his companionship.

All of these virtues were on display every time Bert donned his gi and entered the dojo. Over his many years of training in both the Shukokai and Shotokan styles of karate, Bert epitomised the meaning of etiquette – proper attitude, respect for fellow karateka, an openness to learning and teaching, a deep understanding of the traditions, values and meaning of karate, and a tireless willingness to search for and realise the best in himself and others through dedicated training in all aspects of karate, physical, mental and spiritual.”

Whenever presented, the importance of this award, as indicative of the values of the Budo Club, cannot be overstated. For both Gavienas Sensei and Sheridan Sensei, Bert is always in the dojo.              


The Three Amigos : Bert, Peter and Gordon                                                                                                         

Pursuant to these Club principles, the undernoted quotations are worthy of further consideration:

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